Kodak competition + Retro 72 project

We bring you a brief update on the latest news from the phlogger.

In this podcast we discuss:

  • Β a competition where you can win film!!!
  • Retro 72 (new project)
  • Secret project (quick update)
  • Future guests

What do you win?

20 x rolls (any size) of Kodak film, thanks to my partnership with Kodak Alaris.

1 x 20-minute interview with the Phlogger, that will be posted on this show

Runner up gets 10 rolls of film (any size)

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Competition time! The phlogger in association with Kodak Alaris……. 🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️ 1ST PRIZE: 20 rolls of film (any size) from Kodak Alaris + 20 min podcast with phlogger 🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️ RUNNER UP: -10 rolls of film (any size) from Kodak Alaris 🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️🎞️ ———————————————————– THE THEME: Use the word "feeling" and submit your interpretation. Be creative. HOW TO ENTER: 1. Submit photo taken on film (any format) with hashtag #phlogger_kodak 2.TAG @kodakprofessional @kodakalaris + @phlogger_analogue 2. Follow @kodakprofessional @kodakalaris + @phlogger_analogue Closing date 15th May 2019. Winners will be chosen by Mr Church of Kodak Alaris. RULES: 1 entry per person Open to world ———————————————————–

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How do you enter?

The theme is “feeling”, so think of something that invokes this – any subject matter at all.

1. Submit a photo (any format) using hashtag #phlogger_kodak

2. Follow – @kodakalaris, @kodakprofessional + #phlogger_analogue

3. Tag – @kodakalaris, @kodakprofessional + #phlogger_analogue

I can’t read

If you don’t want to read this time or listen to the podcast, here is a video explaining it all.


1 entry per person

Competition closes 15th May 2019

Open to all ages




This is the Phlogger’s latest project involving the wonderful Lomig from Washi Films. Β This project involves:

  • 1 x 72 exposure camera
  • Tape recorder

Yes we are going entirely analogue on this project and sending out a one shot camera plus a camera around the UK and France. Β Each photographer gets a few shots each. Β The recorder is used to list your name, where you are from and one social link. Β Then you tell the next person what sort of thing you would like them to shoot.

It should be lots of fun and get lots of different people together.

If you want to know more visit the website and sign up now!!!

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