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Jonah Calinawan – academia, cyanotypes and dreams

For episode 128 of photography insights we bring you another amazing artist and someone who has become a friend.  He was recommended by Elizabeth Stone.


Jonah Calinawan made me feel very special like I am actually creating something useful for people.  He was an accountant for 25 years,decided to go to art school, become a cyanotype artist and now moving towards the world of acamedia through his PHD. Jonah uses his teachings to influence and learn about life and has a fondness for the thoughts of Jung.

Jonah’s work has multiple layers from the design to the implementation and presentation.  It’s a really interesting approach and the images are very thought provoking.  It’s like he’s always been meant to move in photography and learn about himself through his studies.

So in this one we are going to discuss:

  • focus on verbs
  • enjoy creating
  • repetition is the answer
  • writing artist statements
  • subtext of images
  • reactions to life
  • blogging
  • dream analysis
  • meaning of shapes


During the course of the show there were 2 quotes that stood out, but believe this one tells you about Jonah:

“symbiotic relationship thats happening between my writing and my imaging making.”



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Extra content

Jonah was kind enough to supply the photos we discussed in the podcast. Hopefully you can then see how important his words were, especially with the shape!

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