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Interview with street photographer John Hughes

For episode 64 I’m going back to my roots with this one, my very first interview was with a street photographer.  I think its just something in some of us to shoot in this way.  So today I’ve finally had a chance to catch up with the man of shadows and highlights, John Hughes.

John is a really good force for street photography, he speaks the truth and from the heart.  If he doesn’t like something he will tell you, so if honesty isn’t for you look elsewhere!  John is a full-time photographer and runs workshops, creates zines and offers one to one coaching.

interview street photographer john hughes - john hughes shot
He talks to us about his early start in life and how a meet up with Bruce Davidson has helped shaped who he is to this day.  John actually was introduced through our mutual friend and Kodak Alaris competition winner Barney Maguire (lives in the same town).

Through our conversation we discuss:

  • Sticky toffee pudding beer
  • defined at 13 as street photographer
  • influences
  • starting digital in 2008
  • Analogue can hold you back
  • Workshops+ teaching
  • Camping out in same spot
  • Ricoh gr 2 vs 3
  • Camera tech
  • Blogging + writing problems
  • Find differences locations to shoot
  • Shooting the shadows
  • Starbucks 12 month project
  • Spending 12 hours in tate

We also talk about matters like is technology actually important with street photography?  About projects and ways to shoot in everyday places.

The infamous dog picture

Random Questions

We did a laugh with the random questions too (*** we may or may not have cut one out as this is a family show after all).  There are only the odd few swear words, so bear with us.  So find out:

  • why John wants to punch me
  • what “” is all about
  • why we talk about sticky toffee
  • drinking with a few blokes call John
interview street photographer john hughes - beer


If you want to know more about John and his work check him out here:
Facebook group –
Instagram –
Website –

Tate gallery –


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