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Interview with Sheila Pree Bright – photographic artist

It’s another week and time for another show and again something completely different.  You can see how my choice of guests is influenced by events and people around me!


Recently I have talked about the point of looking for with my guests and choosing them for a reason.  It’s something that has played on my mind recently and how I should open up more.  The consensus in my mind (we had a vote) is that I should look for people that haven’t had their voices heard from the minorities or speak to those that are trying to do great work for the society of those not privileged.


So today I’m pleased to bring you the rather lovely Sheila Pree Bright.  Sheila is an ambassador for Leica, comes from America and has this habit of using the world of photography to talk about the world from a different perspective.  Some of her projects include Young Americans, 1960NOW, Suburbia, Plastic Bodies.  We talk a lot about the life of being black in America, opportunities and what she has seen.  Some of her travels around the states have even shocked her, so listen out for when we discuss Baltimore.


So in this one, we discuss:

  • art piece for University of Boston
  • starting with gangster rap photography 
  • 1960 now + uprising of young people
  • civil rights
  • working for HBO
  • protests
  • flowers &COVID
  • white narrative vs black
  • John Lewis & your poetry
  • school curriculums
  • Migrations & segregations



We discussed Jim Crow

To find out more about the ATlanta murders

We also mention John Lewis

Sheila’s video of the McCleung musuem talk is here



Sheila has a great degree of work and you should check out her website for more information.



Extra content

Sheila kindly offered to showcase some of her work. I asked for a selection of the projects so you can see the variety, including her COVID idea with the flower.