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Interview with portrait photographer Jay Good

For episode 81 we bring you Jay Good, a portrait photographer from Lincolnshire.

Jay’s roots are in the equestrian world through his wife and started looking at networking for photographers. From initially doing social walks including learning light painting with Tobias Thompson, this progressed to networking portraiture shoots with Matt Maltby. From here we talk about his success with models, a Facebook group and a printed magazine!

In this episode we talk about:

  • beginner mistakes
  • editing
  • friendships
  • useful lighting tech
  • legends of photography
  • models, hair colours & street portraiture
  • future shoots
  • experimenting with ideas
  • education


For the random questions, we discuss:

  • how space is the answer for anger.
  • the latest “little miss book”


Our latest iTunes review comes from Pete Falkous aka Static Age.


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Extra Content

Jay has provided examples of some his work, including a few from a recent shoot with one of the model’s dogs too (it wanted to come to our shoot).

Models featured

We discussed the following and featured a few of these models above too:

Asheligh – (4th picture)

Vanessa – (2nd picture)

Jay Brown –