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Interview with Pete Falkous from Static Age zines

I’m really to present a great person in the community and a friend of mine.  Pete Falkous is the man behind Static Age zines, offering a variety of work from around the globe.  He is one of the hard-working individuals that’s in the industry of film photography because of his love for the medium. He has a great positive attitude towards life and gets involved with great people.

Pete talks to us about his early roots of bands, zines and skateboarding that obviously made him who he is – a big kid!  You will get to learn about the man behind the brand too and why he selects people to work with and why money is not the answer.


In this podcast we discuss:

– zines (Bob Price, Nils Karlson, Jason Connelly)

– making something you love

– what’s involved in publishing

– giving freebies

– creating zines at 14

– playing in bands

– skateboarding at 11

– Jason lee + Ed Templeton + Grant Britain

– why film is useful for learning

– enjoy shooting

– taking pictures of baths + chairs

– sx70 for buildings

– shooting weddings

– living in the north

– buying carpets or Portra 800


Wedding shoot

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to meet Pete and just like proper mates, we took photos of each other.  This is my shot, maybe should be a caption contest?


We talk about one of his “bath” shots during our converastion from his Instagram feed:

Random questions

Don’t forget all guests have to go through my questions, so find out:

Why Pete invents a new “Mr Men” book and who his favourite comic book villian is.






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