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Interview with music & fashion photographer Louis Rodiger

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For episode 80 we bring you Louis Rodriquez from Tijuana on the border of Mexico and California.  Like many, Louis started with digital and quickly moved to film and plies his trade shooting musicians for magazines.  Louis has tried other things in life like being a musician/songwriter and had his own studio but ended up in photography.  He talks to us about some of the people he has shot and some very interesting stories.  I need to thank Louis for his honesty about some of the issues he’s faced in his life and the everyday problems of living near a border.

Podcast contains:

  • the beauty of film
  • sensible photography clothing
  • working with magazines
  • exhibitions
  • working with Bauhaus
  • starting photography in your 40’s
  • searching for spirituality
  • shamanism + psychedelic drugs
  • sleeping in cars
  • meeting Hollywood stars
  • what’s missing in film

Random questions

  • why Louis nearly made the Olympics for fencing!
  • Why he will use music to hitchhike around the galaxy!


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Extra content

Thanks to Louis for providing some examples from his lovely film photography.