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Interview with a model (Safia Pixie)

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This time we present to you an interview with the model Safia Pixie.

It is a pleasure to write about someone from a very different perspective and point of view.  Having worked with Safia a couple of times with a grunge and portrait session, you realise she puts in extra work. Safia modified her own clothing for creative purposes to suit the shoot!

First of all Safia will provide a little back ground about herself, before moving on to her experience in the field, before the random questions.



So welcome to the blog Safia, could you please tell us about yourself, where you grew up and what was like like?

Photographer and editor – Russ Kemp

I grew up in a quiet market town in Lincolnshire. It’s pleasant here, but there’s not an awful lot going on.

I’ve always been shy, but even more so as a child; I would get very anxious about partaking in social situations and moving out of my comfort zone. Instead, I would immerse myself in creative writing and academic study… I was a bit of an antisocial nerd, but I hope that’s changed somewhat in recent years!


Can you tell us about the people who may have influenced your life and career?

Unsurprisingly, my mother has been my inspiration in all aspects of my life. She’s taught me how to battle adversity and make the most of a situation.

My boyfriend has made me much stronger, showing me that nobody deserves to be taken advantage of, that we are all worth standing up for ourselves.

Poetry is the main source from which I take creative inspiration, and mostly I am moved by the works of Sylvia Plath. Visceral images and emotion are most resonating, and can be translated into almost any form- photography, art, dance.

Photographer and editor – Shehan Fernando

How did you get started in modelling?

I took my mum for a Mother’s Day makeover and shoot at The Model House in Grimsby, thinking it would be a unique gift and just a bit of fun. During the shoot, Sammie (Boyd) asked if I had ever considered modelling- at this point I hadn’t, and was rather shocked at her suggestion. However, I did go along for some test shoots in an attempt to boost my self-confidence.

I soon began to love the expression and communication that comes with modelling, and started working as a freelance- from there, increasing numbers of local photographers expressed interest in working with me, expanding my connections further.

I’m truly grateful for all the support and the lovely people I’ve met over the past few months!

What is it like looking at the other side of the camera?

It’s very constructive to see the other side of the camera. As a model, it’s important to align your creative visions with those of the other creatives you’re working with- a certain pose may feel less natural but look more striking on camera, for example. Sometimes it’s strange to see myself in a different perspective, but I guess that’s true for anyone.


What was one of the most rewarding shoots you remember and why?

Each shoot I do means a lot to me, in various ways. Fine art and film shoots are most rewarding to me, as a story or message can be more readily conveyed.

Very recently I attended Shoot For A Cause at Studio 2212 hosted by Molly-Marie Buckley. It was lovely to know that our time was being used well with all proceeds going to charity, and I met some wonderful people.

What are you currently working on or have planned?

A studio day might be on the cards… a bit different to the odd jobs I’ve been doing so far! I’m also involved in a long term art project that I’m very excited about, and have been taking on a few commissions.

Phlogger picture with listening to music with safia
Photographer – phlogger



Without further ado, let us head on to the infamous and random selection of 10 questions.


When you were a child, what career/job/field did you want to go into?

“It ranged from astronomy to clinical psychology.”

If you could time travel, where would you go and why?

“I’d like to go to the USA in 2117 to see the effects of Trump’s presidency 100 years on ;)”

Name one of your strengths and one of your weaknesses

“I love to learn, but I often take things very personally.”

What is the future of modelling?

“Moving away from “commercial beauty” and into honest representations of diversity.”

Handbags or shoes?

“Shoes (though I’m not fussed about either)”

Sunrise or sunset?


Can you explain gravity?

“A force that brings masses together”

Food or film (eating out versus cinema)?

“Very difficult… probably film!”

What would be your choice of super power and why?

“Reading people’s minds. This is probably influenced by my interest in psychology and sociology- why do people behave the way they do?”

You get one question with God, what is it?

What makes a person intrinsically good?



phlogger model shoot with safia
Photographer – phlogger

Finally Safia was kind enough to free herself from an ever busy schedule to bring you this interview, thank you once again.  Her words show a caring and true person and has always been a delight to work with.

A challenge for any photographer would be to try and capture Safia conveying angst, due to her pleasant attitude she is simply too nice a person for this emotion!  Capturing Safia at a relaxed state is a treat too as you will see her natural smile.

In conclusion if you need a model, please do not hesitate to get in contact with Safia, details are available here.

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