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Infrared, white blood and aliens. An interview with Washi films.

Infrared, white blood and aliens

(An interview with Washi films)

Another great guest for you – Lomig from Washi films. Handcrafted and unique films, made by Lomig himself in France.

Washi started in 2013 by Lomig, an unusual inventor who is mad on the film world. He spends a lot of time working in the dark to bring you his unique ideas.

During this interview we find out about:
– scratching film
– Henri Fox Talbot’s invention
– Origins of washi paper
– Lomig’s idea bank
– cassette players
– infrared goggles
– dangers of working in the dark
– Phlogger’s new idea for a film
– future “paper” project

Lomig wants to provide us all with films not designed for cameras and is constantly coming up with new ideas. He loved film so much he even had his wedding shot using single-use cameras.


Find out what Lomig would do with his last Malteser and what his backup plan would be if aliens invade.


0 – 1-                background to Lomig (Photography is in the family)
10 -14             how Lomig got in to film
14- 20.45       the origins of washi
20.45              Lomig’s ideas + working in the dark
29.15-42.15  washi film range
42.15 – 46.15 future projects – paper and 120
46.15-60.01   film industry future
60 mins           random questions


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