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Alejandro Ilukewitsch – travel & street photographer

Interviewing a travel photographer like my next guest was really easy, well that’s how it felt.  Alejandro or “Alex” as he calls himself was born in Venezuela but has also lived in Mexico, Brazil, Germany, and now Romania.  Along these travels, he has fallen in love with travel photography & street portraiture to showcase culture.  As he says, there is no point going to the pretty and boring places in the city, as they are the same everywhere.  So he travels into the villages and neighborhoods, which has found him in some interesting situations.  Alex describes these to us and I think he’s underplaying how scary the situations were, especially the prison story!

Alex has used film in some of his works but is predominantly a digital shooter.  He has experience of shooting events like baptisms, weddings, and even concerts in his earlier life but loves his street work.  He’s a kind and good human who signed up for my secret project.  Alex was unfortunate as the camera was sent to Romania but didn’t make it to his office!

He has some lovely feedback from people so find out:

  • – shooting safely
  • – concert shooting
  • – street photography
  • – cultures
  • – shit happens
  • – prints for strangers
  • – film shooting
  • – Local celebrations
  • – shooting out of focus
  • – lusting after the Mamiya 7
  • – when NOT to shoot
  • – portraits

Hope you enjoy checking out the travel photography and portraiture images.


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This week I have chosen to quickly provide an update on Steve from Chroma Camera, who has been tinkering away again.  He’s made a new modular medium format camera – called the #Chroma679.  More details coming soon on pricing and availability.

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Extra content

Alejandro has kindly forwarded a selection of his images for you all to see. These show some of the different scenes and cultures he’s become involved in. (copyright and permission from Alex)