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6 portraiture Instagram feeds to follow

6 portraiture instagram feeds

6 portraiture Instagram feeds to follow

Back in 2015 the Phlogger started his journey into photography.  One genre that was missing from the portfolio at this time was portraiture.

Taking pictures of people is easy enough, but working with models if an entirely different thing.  But when you look at photographers work or magazines and billboards, it is amazing what is possible.

Portraiture is about ideas, working with the right person and having a good setup.  Definitely a skill you can learn by practising when you can.

The first opportunity for myself was organised by Robert Scatliffe who used to run a Facebook group.  Initially, we would meet up and walk the streets, but this branched out.  The first time is always controlling your nerves and just shooting

6 portraiture instagram feeds

My first example was shown above, it was a grunge type setup but shot at night. So many mistakes were made, but lots of lessons were learned.  Another great part of working with models, is you are always meeting new people.  From this shoot, a friendship blossomed with both Safia Pixie and Crystal Gomez, as well as Fez Photography (Crystal’s partner).

During November 2017, the specific Instagram portraiture feed was launched.  At the time, portraiture was not really on the agenda.  But after working with Matt Maltby and Jason Good since November, this is starting to flourish

Why other artists?

The idea behind this article was to become a series of artists.  This would involve friends and people we have worked with in the past.  But every artist will deserve to be on the list because of their images.

Initially, there will be a few of these recommended Instagram articles.  Each one is focused on a genre (portraits, architecture and street) but will expand to others too.

Why Instagram?

Instagram is a fantastic source for photography which is open to anyone around the world.  But in essence here are a few reasons:

  • quick
  • genres
  • worldwide
  • friendships
  • alerting

Pictures are a very quick and easy way to look at someone’s work. The Instagram app is fast so you can quickly scroll through hundreds of photos.  Using different feeds like the Phlogger, you can separate your interest to a specific account. This allows you to focus this account on one type of photographer.


With so many different genres of photography around, there is something for everyone.  You can search through hashtags ‘#’ or search for friends and artists.  Every field has thousands of examples, whether you are into Gothic portraits to drone photography or newborns.


Because Instagram is international, you have the world at your fingertips.  Each country will have something unique to their region, that maybe not possible where you live.  Think of the snowy countries like Russia and Canada.  Maybe you like the sun and palm trees from desert islands.


The Phlogger has met some lovely people because of Instagram. Some of these have been from China, Scandinavia to Washington in the USA.  It’s truly amazing that you can share a passion and within seconds, converse with them.  For instance, after chatting with Chris Miralles enough times we became friends and was interviewed for the blog (link here).


Instagram is always changing and developing new ideas. Recently they introduced video and story functions – more on this in future.  But a key function is the “notifications”.  These provide a push message on your smartphone when a new post is available from the artist.  if you “follow” an artist you will then see their work on your daily feed (like a Facebook wall).

6 portraiture Instagram feeds to follow

In this article we are looking at 6 amazing portraiture feeds to follow.  The feeds were chosen because their work that stands out.  So here goes with the list…

1 – Fez photography

Fez (Stephen Rendall) photography is both varied and lovely.  His work shows elements of fashion, film, wedding and products too.  He delivers to a high standard, is a reliable and positive person.

He has some beautiful shots of Crystal Gomez which have been published.  Crystal was also featured in a lovely film shot as part of “The Negative Journey“.  Stephen has been in front of the camera himself too, with some great results, check out this picture.

Stephen is a keen educator too, after completing his degree in photographer he has now moved into teaching.  He is a professional wedding photographer too, with a unique style.

Please check his feed – @fezphotography

Don’t forget to check the Phlogger’s interview with Fez – here

2 – Shots by sud

6 portraiture instagram feeds

When looking for ideas for your portraiture work this is one feed to check.

You will see a very different and dark style of editing.  The photography is amazing and choice of depth of field is first class too.  For those with a faint heart or don’t like too much flesh on show, then look away.

There are some very graphical details included, from shots with cigarettes, water and tattoos.  What is also great, is the variety of models involved, men and women of different shapes.

Sud is certainly someone to watch and get those notifications enabled.  One of my favourites due to the subject matter and dark tones.

Check out Sud’s work here – @shotbysud

3 – Paul Lefko

6 portraiture instagram feeds

After first speaking with Paul back in February, it was nice to find someone from a different field.  Paul mainly shoots portraiture, including fashion, photojournalism and others.  He runs a company in California but also get’s involved in Hollywood too (photographer/director).

You always think they have to use photographers for films and tv series, but never see them.  Finally coming across Paul was really cool, seeing some of the people you see on TV.  It makes you think how much time he gets with them and does Paul get to know them?

Why not drop him a message and ask.

Link to his work – @paul_lefko

4 – Mitchy.69

Mitchy’s work is again something different entirely.  There are traces of urban, portrait and fashion.

He uses the same person in the shoots, but in such different ways. There are some lovely concept shots.  Using colours in the work to great effect, so there is no confusion.

You might even say some of the shots have a “film” like effect or edit.

Link – @mitchy.69

5 – Gage Allen

6 portraiture instagram feeds

What stands out with Gage, is the lovely “earthy” tones in her work.  She obviously has a good understanding of using simple colours to her Instagram feed.

The portrait pictures are predominantly female but such a mixture of people.  She has used smoke and water in her work, to great effect.  Whether you like the snowy weather portraits or beaches to urban, there is something for everyone.

She writes such lovely words in her posts too, very caring.  Don’t be surprised to see a few videos too capturing her work with couples.

Gage has captured such beautiful pictures in such ordinary settings, the choice of tones is sublime.

Check out her feed – @gageinglife

6. Nick Apostol

6 portraiture instagram feeds

Residing in Greece, Nick is another worthy portrait photographer to watch.

You will notice recent work includes some great work with fireworks and lights with models.  This also shows some composite ideas on the feed too.

From the pictures, it appears Nick uses a large aperture as there is such lovely bokeh in the images.  He has used a wide variety of models and even a little with paint in artistic ways too.

There are some lovely pictures to cast your eyes over.  It is also nice to see a development in the work from the early images. Progress is all we have as a photographer.


There you have seen 6 portrait Instagram feeds to follow.  The featured work from these artists is just amazing.  With so many millions of photographs and artists out there, it was difficult to pin down such a small selection.  It was nice to feature the people and show how much variety there is in portraiture!

Do not hesitate to check out there work and tell them the Phlogger recommended you.

6 portraiture instagram feeds

We hope you enjoyed this article and look forward to the next one.  If you want to see the Phlogger’s own portraiture, the link is here – @phlogger_portraits.  On this Instagram profile, you will see both digital and film work, which is expanding all the time.

Thanks and see you next time.


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