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100th episode by Jon at Instinctive – socks, guests + messages

Oh crikey, where do we begin on this one?  The big 100!

When approaching the turn of the century I came up with an idea to do something different and flip the host and guest scenario!  Now I have to be honest I asked and was trying to arrange my first ever guest to host it.  However, Sarah (street media) had literally just started a new job after we started planning this.  I really did want to have a female host to show I have grown as a person and involving everyone.  However, since this was not feasible my good friend Jon at Instinctive Photography accepted (without a bribe) the position.

Please bear with us, I’ve never done anything like this so it’s not designed to be a normal episode at all.  It’s a light-hearted show about you all, I love you all for supporting my work.

What’s in store for you:

1. Jon fires off a few random questions at the Phlogger!

2. guests Steve at Chroma Camera, Pete at Static Age, and the model Shannon Ashby.

4. What photography means to the guests

5. written messages

6. video messages (this will be aired on Youtube soon)

7. a few special messages (from my daughter, my wife, and good friend Jeni at Signature too)

Outtakes – yes I will be making a short bonus episode where you will hear real-life mistakes!


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Static Age Instragram – is the creative genius of Andrew Walmsley. A blogger, podcaster and photographer. Bringing you articles, tips n tricks to help photographers. The phlogger interviews photographers, models, studio owners and people in the industry. He shoots architecture, portraiture, street and film (35mm and medium format).

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It was so kind of everyone to email me with their messages and videos.  Taking time out of their day for me, was a humbling experience and I don’t mind saying it made me very tearful.

I literally have met some wonderful people on this young and will continue to hunt more down!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart (in no particular order).

Gina Milicia

Jay Good

Tobias Beach-Wlyd

John Hughes

Paul at Analogue Wonderland

Top Gun Dave

Max Hellweg

Quinn Jacobson

Bob Patterson

Jeni Lowe

Ibarionex Perello

John Whitmore

Leyton Cleveley

Andy Church at Kodak Alaris

Michael Kirchoff

David Collyer


Lomig from Film Washi