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Sporting times by the Phlogger

A selection of imagery related to the world of sports, with the usual write ups.


This maybe just a simple photo, but it forms human lines of division, boundaries between right and wrong, one side of the line a different rule is applied.  A thin white painted line creates such structure for the sports person, but without this there would be no rules and no game!


Stepping out in to the morning dew I was confronted by the humble wet grass, a tantalizing simmering sight of the light shining against the droplets. When combined with the worn and trusty football, you envision days of times gone where you enjoyed the slippery nature of the turf.

This photograph provided me with the chance to use my creative skills to (see the visual thoughts gallery) and some rewards. I wanted the picture to capture different elements of a skate park environment, the quarter pipe in the background the grinding rail in the foreground.

I sent this image over to Vans as it seemed like their sort of industry and I was sent a lovely email back (see extract here).

One of the classic pieces of children enjoyment, sometimes found down the local woods, a friends house, but equally fun and a step towards adventure, learning dexterity for those little hands and legs.


The shots were taken on a budget Motorola Moto G phone (pitch and quarter pipe) and a Canon 550d, images were not edited but compressed in size for viewing on web.


One of the things I loved about the these shots is they show different sports from low perspective, catching the morning dew on the old ball was fantastic and what a great way to show the bubbles of water.  Two of the photo’s were captured whilst entertaining my young children and that’s why I had to use my mobile phone, this allowed creativity and is more distraction free than someone stood there with a slr!

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