Lincoln at night

Lincoln at Night by the Phlogger

“Capturing this building is a tribute to Chad, an important person who made his mark in this world.   The street light providing some perspective to the towering building.”

“The lights deflecting of the canal looked great in the dim lit scene, a great mirror image of Lincoln’s heritage”

“This scene captured a old school building in the background through the gates, almost gothic and spooky feeling.  A dark and quiet area of Lincoln, again steep in history and education”

“The surreal lighting achieved from the movement of vehicles down Lindum hill.  The affect is great to see when the cars drive fast enough, even the street lighting have a star essence.”

“A truly iconic piece of religious architecture that was once the largest building in Europe, its presence on Lincolnshire is breath taking at night.  This section caught the eye, because of the clash in light shades and the imperious doorway.”

Brought to you by the Phlogger, but thanks to Ciaran for sharing Lincoln at night.




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