Cromer 2015 – photo opportunities

Cromer 2015 – photo opportunities by the Phlogger

A collection from my holiday to the sunny Norfolk coast, snapshots from my walks at night around the traditional seaside town and neighbouring places.

“The bane of any parents life, gambling your money away in the eternal hope of a reward to feed the children curiosity and needs.  The hopeful smile on your child’s face, the awkward look of doom and failure on the parent’s face, knowing all to well, the odds are stacked against you.  You wonder why you even tried, an unhappy child, not understanding due to their youth.  One day you think, you will be stood here in my shoes – maybe ?”

“The rain may persist, but the shine of the metal is still apparent, the shingle beach of Sheringham in the background to help the eye.  A simple photo that captures the beauty of rain, the variety of raindrops make you watch in wonder and see them gradually drop to the floor”

“A reminder of the power of nature, the violence of sea and danger to all holiday makers, don’t get caught out by the sudden water eruption.  The way the water batters the wooden groynes is pleasing to the eye, watching over and over, such a fantastic sound.”

“The scene upon me was one of the random moments you see in your periphery, an opportunity to catch the gazing eye of the gull.  They watch and scavenge, they prey and feed upon the shore,ever hopeful, they rest anywhere, no respect of human ownership.  But where would the seaside be without the call of a gull and watching them battle the windy weather?”

“A long exposure time captures the milky flow of the sea and the setting sun, shows the radiant colours of this special time.  There is no place to view the sunset like the shore, to hear the slowly receding water climb upon the cobbles of Cromer beach and see the Groynes slowly appear from their sunken view.”

“You often miss the simplicity of the beach, as you walk avoiding the stone, the one that hurts your sole.  Lay down and you will see how random nature is, one stone sharp, the other perfectly round and worn away, then gaze further and see the joy of children and parent building structures.  Sometimes happiness is found in simple forms, nature gifts are enough for the young.”

“Gazing upon the reflections in the water I was totally immersed in the feel of the quay, the small boats and obvious industry this provides to Wells on Sea.  Quiet, classy and stunning to the eye, especially set against the lowering sun.”

 “As the colours of the sky changed to a redish orange, I patiently awaited the moment for the birds to move.  Beautiful to watch these birds rotate and fly so swiftly around the sky and return to their home upon the sails.  A large mill set amongst a small bank, close to the coast and within easy reach of the opportunist photographer.”

“A few steps to right from the mill, a change in direction allows a different perspective and viewpoint.  Gaze upon the fields, the lifeless boat laid alongside the embankment, all you feel is a state of relaxation and peace.”

“Walking along the promenade at night, I came upon this site, a chance to see below the ship and look at the underside, normally hidden away below the sea.  Perched on the shore close to the water, tied and locked to its patient servant – the trusty tractor”

“the humble and trusty tractor, servant to the boats on the shore, needed for their travels upon the sea.  Cast aside, sometimes covered to hide from the elements, sometimes open to all and eventual rust.  The look of the tractor never seems to change, it’s with us most of our lives in some capacity. Perched in front of a small museum, dedicated to the life of the great Henry Blogg, who saved many,many lives in his career.”

I do hope you enjoyed these snapshots from my holiday, they are just a selection, taken on sunny days, cloudy and in the pouring rain.  It was my first time taking photos in the rain and very first at seaside.  Any of you on Instagram will have already seen these, so if you not already on there,check it out now, it’s where I put all my photos first, more on that later…


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