Camera and lens clear out

Getting out of debt

Everyone has some debt, if you are a homeowner you have a very long term example (your mortgage), whereas some people have credit cards.  To help my household I am choosing to sell lots of equipment, as debt burns like a raging fire through my mind.

So there a select number of items to be sold:

Bronica ETRS medium format camera

Pentax super 35mm camera

Pentax K fit zoom lenses

Pentax f1.7 50m prime (great in low light)

Ultra wide 24mm + 28mm lenses

Russian lenses with amazing bokeh (Helios + tair) m42 fit

 Olympus zoom lenses

Canon 620 camera

For full details of this please see my gumtree pages.  Very shortly I will be selling my digital stuff to start on my film challenge, which includes:

Olympus om-d EM10

Olympus 14-42mm zoom lens

Panasonic 14mm f2.5 pancake lens

picture of Olympus em10

All these purchases will help my personal cause which I am eternally grateful for.

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